Exclusive interview-

with Mirka Mora on Wednesday, 26th of August, 2009

Interview organised by Jenny Luca. The interview was organised after our Teacher Librarian used Twitter to make contact with people who knew Mirka.
Questions created and spoken by Mikeala Phillips, Cassidy Luca and Natalie Spencer.

Questions asked during the interview:

© Mikeala- How did you find relocating to Australia?
© Mikeala- How was life living during the war?
© Cassidy- Have you encountered any challenges in your life?
© Cassidy- What inspired your paintings?
© Natalie- Have you ever shown any specific acts of courage?
© Natalie- What influenced you to become a professional artist?
© Natalie- Do you feel you have triumphed over all the problems you have encountered?

We recorded the interview with a voice tracer and created an Mp3 file. Then we made a Photostory and uploaded it to Youtube.