Meeting Mirka Mora

After our phone call with Mirka Mora, she invited our group for afternoon tea. We planned to meet her on 31st of August 2009. On Monday we left school at 1.00pm so we could arrive at Mirka's place at 2.00pm. We arrived a little early with so much excitement. We were very surprised when we entered her house, it was so cluttered! We had a limited amount of space to walk though, and we were all thinking, 'Is this her only room? Or are there more rooms upstairs?' We were surprised to find out that it was her only room, where all her beautiful masterpieces were made. We sat at her dining room table very squished, and we were talking about her amazing life story, during the war and after the war. Mirka kindly had gone out and brought us a cake to share, and she also taught us a new way to make tea.

We walked around her house discovering new things about her art work, and her personality. She showed us her pet snail, it lived outside, in amongst the plants she had on her veranda. We saw her artworks still in the process of making, they were amazing! She showed us around her place, showing us some of the dolls she had made. She showed us her doll houses, and told us that she buys a new doll house every time she moves. She had said that she paints her windows because she doesn’t like curtains. Mirka was very full of life. Before we left we got Mirka to sign the dolls we had made for our inquiry week. Overall we had a fantastic time, we loved Mirka’s personality and her kindness for letting us come and see the way she lives, and see the way she creates her artwork.