external image Mora_Together6632.jpg
Mirka Mora
Together 1996
Oil on canvas
50.5 x 61cm

external image mora_8849_twofigures.jpg
Mirka Mora
Two Figures and Bird 1967
Charcoal on paper
22 x 23cm
Signed 'Mirka 1967' lower right

external image 30449.jpg

Mirka Mora Thinking of Bacchae 1980 (detail)
brush and coloured inks,
watercolour, pen and ink on paper
Collection of the National
Gallery of Australia

external image img_7547.jpg
2008, oil on canvas, 71.5 x 61 cm

external image 26308.jpg

mother-and-child(26308) by Mirka Mora
Size : 170cm x 126cm
Medium : hand woven silk tapestry

external image 294358872_e112e003ce.jpg?v=0
Mirka Mora wall painting- Torlano's

external image 117.jpg
The Back Fence 1992