This is our project that we made for our Inquiry week. We presented our project on the projector and we showed our year level this wikispace we had created. Our presentation went really well, everyone enjoyed it and we really enjoyed putting it together. We had a table for the dolls we had made, and we presented it with some pictures that Mirka had made, with our 200 word evaluation.

This is our 200 word evaluation:
How does your past affect your future?
Mirka Madeleine Zelik (later know as Mirka Mora after marriage) has almost triumphed over her adversity. She quotes, “I now understand my body better than I did when I was younger”. She now understands love and its ups and downs and the fun but scary side of it all. One of her latest books titled ‘Wicked but virtuous: my life’, published in 2002 was dedicated “To all the men I’ve ever loved”. Mirka was born in France on the 18th, March 1928 and is now an Australian visual artist. She convinced her husband, Georges Mora, to move to Melbourne, Australia with her because she was afraid there would be another war. Mirka was always intrigued by Australia, Melbourne especially. In the book ‘La Boheme’ (her father told her never to read, but she did anyway!), a French man always went to Melbourne. Mirka stated, “I was intrigued by that man”. That book had inspired her to move out to Melbourne.
When she was living in France as a child she missed attending Auschwitz concentration camp by one day. She said, “It was great luck”. Mirka’s father worked in the resistance in Paris during the war and somehow managed to pull Mirka out of the camp after 3 weeks. Mirka has most definitely overcome her past injustices and is now extremely happy living in her studio in the city of Melbourne.